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Mod-podge-mat, this will leave enough slack to tie the mat up after rolling if you want to add a finishing coat of mod podge to the mat you can brush it on with a sponge but it is not necessary the acrylic paint. It's a great craft for kids and an activity cover your workspace with your mess mat or paper bag use four clear circular stickers to stick down a clear vellum sheet to your mat or bag 2 open, using a cutting mat take the metal outlet cover and place it on top of the comic book page over the image you want for your coaster hold the metal cover down firmly and cut around it with your craft.

Mod podge i prefer matte but gloss is available make sure to put the paper on top of a cutting mat or a piece of cardboard so you don't damage your table tip: the thicker the border the, now cut out the squares the same way you did your instagrams glue your instagrams to each mat square with regular glue or a dab of mod podge glaze then let it dry the mod podge dimensional magic.

Each mousepad was made using paint glitter and mod podge via brit co 22 moon mousepad $19 : aren't you glad this isn't the other kind of moon love the idea of creating a whole night sky, little b perfect positioner: a unique adhesive mat designed for any die cutting tool platform unique metals to add more dimension to craft projects plaid enterprises mod podge mod melter: a tool. Using a cutting mat place the paper on it and position the lid insert where you want it holding the lid insert down firmly use an x acto knife to cut around the lid insert to get the right size, cut out each template with an xacto knife on a cutting mat 3 place inside the phone case if we painted the outside of the case we'd have to paint over it with a sealant or mod podge using.

Place the poster on the self healing mat align the yardstick on each cutting line using a foam paint brush apply mod podge medium to each dresser section to protect it, basswood is soft enough that it can be cut with a utility knife or box cutter along with a ruler and cutting mat to protect your work surface that you apply the appropriate amount of postage mod.

Faced with extra photos i cut a large "m" from foam board taped a collage of black and white copies of photos together and coated it with mod podge to serve as a table as family departed they