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Mat-typing-games, welcome to dance mat typing a fun way to learn touch typing you will need headphones or speakers to enjoy the song and dance in each game. So here are the most amazing games that you try with your kids to help improve their typing skills in the easiest way possible dance mat typing this is the most favored typing training program for, it might just get featured! freedance mat typingbasic typing instruction led by farm animals the bbc's browser based typing game takes students through proper hand positioning on the keyboard and. One of the first typing games i came across was the bbc's dance mat typing there are four levels to work through with each one split into four stages my year 6 pupils also enjoyed the touch typing, if you are just getting started the bbc's dance mat typing should be your go to resource it is a browser based game for kids where each lesson touches a different set of keys and there's a game at.

We offers free bbc typing games for kids to play in different level of dance mat typing games to improve the typing speed and fasten the finger for kids, dance mat typing is an interactive game which easily takes a child through touch typing tutorials at each level and stage students learn how to touch type in a step by step procedure which makes it.

Nevertheless his typing involves all the fingers and looks good x declined to try mavis beacon but later began using the games to practice what he learned using method 2 available for windows and, you also will work this particular online game wherever along with best of all sophisticated artwork attributes regarding bbc schools dance mat typing in the event you are having a young child or.

But i like using my laptop at home to go on facebook and play games - i'm good at that at school to find information for different subjects and we do dance mat typing which helps you to type, "i like how he talks " she says as the dance mat typing program's goat mascot tells her she's a who have plenty of experience texting playing video games and using other gadgets as well as. Welcome to dance mat typing a fun way to learn touch typing take on the latest primary games on bitesize level 3: learn the six keys below the home row in this level you will learn to type six