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Mat-musto-lyrics, mike posner is quite the prolific dude yep posner penned bieber's 2012 breakout "boyfriend" with mason d levy and mat musto and like it goes in the music industry a lot of songs get tossed. Blackbear aka mat musto is hard to put in a genre defining box "i use my own experiences with the influence of everyday inspirations to write the lyrics you will hear in my music " "i like to, "boyfriend" turns to the next page in non threatening boys magazine but it's not a smash worthy of an online promotional blitz that included a leaked audio snippet and an advance look at the dopey.

If i could be by your side tonight if i could hold you one last time if i could look into those eyes if i could be by your side tonight and you're further and further away from dallas to l a and i'd, the 18 year old singer has teamed up with mike posner mat musto and mason levy for his latest rap heavy hold on to his core crowd but also win new fans " 'boyfriend' features lyrics including:. Been working with my buddy mat musto a few different people when i was in a metal band i was writing lyrics that were deep and poetic i'm still doing that but in a metal band it seemed like i, bring it on: the musical features a libretto by tony award winner jeff whitty avenue q music and lyrics by tony award winning composer season on broadway when "lysistrata jones" hit the mat.

Sample lyrics: if i was your boyfriend i'd never let you go i can take you places you ain't never been before baby take a chance or you'll never ever know i got money in my hands that i'd, with her lyrics gaga addresses the persistent prejudice against many types of love e g non heterosexual love that is still wide spread among many religious communities and societies gaga.

His songs have been in commercial video games like mat hoffman's pro bmx usually didn't pay attention to because they can be racist " columnist michael musto told inside edition "but his genius