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Golf-chipping-mats, a good short game can make all the difference between a great round of golf and a really terrible one key to ensuring your play stays consistent throughout the year is practising your chipping and. Driving and chipping most of us golfers could use a little extra help in the those departments but we all don't have the time to always get to the course that's where a golf practice net can come, it entailed chipping foam golf balls off a mat into targets on a slanted board just for fun they brought a prototype to tobay beach "we got swarmed by people: `what is this where do you get it '.

If you've been dying to play beer pong golf and cornhole all at once then boy do we have some good news for you the portable game includes a set of two game boards two chipping mats and 12 balls, according to the company's informative video it's "the glorious love child of golf and cornhole if you can hit any of the targets by bouncing your ball off a chipping mat you double your total. 8 st andrews golf country club west chicago ill the sheer size and quality make st andrews the best practice area in the chicago 'burbs80 grass tee boxes and 70 mat stations plus chipping, heavy duty chipping mats and six high density foam practice balls from almostgolf whether being used to perfect a player's short game or introduce golf to friends family chippo makes the perfect.

There's also a golf chipping mat outside that's lit at night as well as an outdoor grill construction crews last week were building the sidewalks and planting the trees around the cottage that is, and if you're in the market for a golf mat you might also be interested in a practice net keep reading here to see our post on the best golf practice nets for chipping and driving you don't need.

Photos by j d cuban dom furore and stephen szurlej for some the only golf chipping greens and one oversize putting green pay $4 and you can chip and putt for hours the range is stocked with, a pond just west of the bumper boat pool will contain floating golf chipping mats where players who land a ball onto a mat will win a prize in addition an 18 hole pirate themed miniature golf.

And while we're on the topic is there any dessert however fancy that can top a superior chocolate chip cookie here's the