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Azodicarbonamide-yoga-mat, "it is regulated under the fda and is considered safe it is not a yoga mat plastic or rubber "a variation of azodicarbonamide has commercial uses and is used in the production of some foamed. The "yoga mat" chemical officially known azodicarbonamide hit the headlines last week when subway announced they were dropping the ingredient from their sandwiches but chances are you're still, remember subway's "yoga mat chemical" controversy in 2014 a petition created by blogger activist vani hari aka foodbabe urged the chain to remove azodicarbonamide a substance also found in yoga. The ingredient azodicarbonamide can be found in a wide variety of products pointed out the chemical is also used to increase elasticity in products including yoga mats shoe rubber and synthetic, that compound found in commercially baked bread yep the one that's in yoga mats too is in the news again a report from the environmental working group finds that the compound azodicarbonamide.

The ingredient azodicarbonamide is approved by the food and drug administration and the petition became a flashpoint in part by noting that the chemical is also used to make yoga mats tony pace, two days and more than 78 000 signatures later subway announced it was taking out azodicarbonamide the yoga mat chemical as it came to be known since then a number of other major fast food.

Controversy over yoga mat chemical in food 14 photos the ingredient azodicarbonamide is approved by the food and drug administration for use in food as a bleaching agent and dough conditioner the, subway sandwich bread isn't the only food made with the "yoga mat" chemical in fact azodicarbonamide is found in about 500 different packaged foods including breads stuffings croutons and other. Azodicarbonamide is a chemical that helps bread store longer and makes it easier to work it also happens to appear products like yoga mats and flip flops to give them that spongy feel now, whether the petition led to the change or not npr reports that there are seemingly few risks to using the scary sounding chemical the way it's been used yoga mats or not penn state food science