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  • Dr Weinberg spoke to the media regarding his book.
  • The Internet can be a vast, intimidating place when you're looking for honest, informative medical information. Sure, you can look up thousands of sites on Google at the click of a mouse, but how do you know if the advice on a particular site is good, or, if followed, might actually worsen your condition?
  • Now, Harlan R. Weinberg, MD, a respected critical care doctor, has taken on the challenge to provide up-to-date, helpful information for health professionals, patients and their families about the resources available on the Internet, exhaustively researching the Web to provide a directory of the best medical websites. Organized by disease or condition, and covering nearly one hundred afflictions from AIDS/HIV medicine to wound care, he offers an annotated list of sites that are both reliable and easy to understand. With Dr. Weinberg's help, you can navigate the Internet with confidence and get the right advice at the right time.
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  • Dr. Harlan R. Weinberg, is the Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit of Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, New York. He has been an attending physician on the medical staff of Northern Westchester Hospital for twenty years.
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“That great book...Barbara and I will make good use of Dr. Weinberg's guide.”

President George H. W. Bush

"You´ve clearly given some serious thought to the Internet's increasing role in health care, and I encourage you to continue to make your voice heard on this important issue."

President William Jefferson Clinton

"I really enjoyed it."

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Chief Medical Editor - NBC

"Let me start by commending you for putting together a detailed resource that people can use to help them find important information that is often difficult to access...Again, we appreciate your calling our attention to the work you have done in this area. We believe that it is especially important to provide this kind of information for consumers."

William D. Novelli, CEO, AARP

"Like you, I have a genuine passion for information technology and especially for how the Web can help us provision information and services to our patients...On behalf of Bill Gates and all of us at Microsoft, I wish you the very best."

Bill Crounse, MD, Senior Director, Worldwide Health,
Microsoft Corporation

"Thank you for sending Mayor Bloomberg a copy of your book.  We appreciate your active involvement as we work to promote the health and well-being of all New Yorkers."

Robert Richardson, Acting Director of Correspondence,
The City of New York, Office of the Mayor


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